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Castle Lager is brewed using four homegrown ingredients – barley, hops, maize and water. Okay, five if you add patience. 
Time is one of the most important ingredients in making South Africa's national beer – it takes a patient 18 days to brew Castle Lager. 

We start the process in the malt mill, move through a series of brewing apparatus and end with the pure goodness of Castle Lager. 
From here, we package and distribute to the nation, so you can enjoy it ice-cold with mates. Inqaba!

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Since 1985, Castle Lager has been the homegrown favourite that has brought 
people together. This is our heritage, 
what’s yours?  

Make Castle Lager your very own! 
Go to NetFlorist and put in a personalised order. 

Order Now

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Castle Tank Beer is unpasteurised to ensure the full flavour of the natural ingredients is retained. Piped directly from the brewery tank, into a specifically designed tank in select bars and into 
your glass –ensures it’s fresher than this morning’s loaf of bread. 

Castle Lager is proud to bring you beer at its absolute best.